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We help you implement fire safety solutions on board.


Service supplier recognition by DNV GL, Lloyd's Register and Bureau Veritas.

We perform services, inspections as well as deliver the right fire safety solutions for your ship



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Fire extinguishers

The inspection of fire extinguishers will be carried out on board of your ship. This ensures that the quantity of the fire extinguishers remain at the level required by law. We also provide assistance regarding the selection and placement of fire extinguishers. Our fire extinguishers are MED-certified, and they comply with the specific requirements of maritime traffic.




Fixed firefighting systems

With years of experience, we inspect, service, design and provide fixed firefighting systems for ships. Inspections and maintenance are carried out in accordance with national legislation and the guidelines of International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Fire hoses

The fire hoses, nozzles and related accessories complying with the specific requirements of maritime traffic are inspected, serviced and provided by us.



Foam concentrates and foam applicators

We provide your ship with all the most commonly used foam concentrates and foam applicators. We also help you choose the foam concentrate most suitable for your use.



Foam quality analysis

We analyse your ship’s foam concentrates. Foam concentrates must be analysed according to the MSC.1 Circ 1312 guideline set out by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


Self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA)

We provide, inspect and service self-contained breathing apparatuses and air cylinders used by your ship’s rescue team. We also conduct periodic inspections, repairs and refills of air cylinders. If your equipment is in need of a longer maintenance, you are provided with extra apparatuses and air cylinders. This ensures that the safety level of your ship remains the same also during the equipment maintenance.



Emergency escape breathing devices (EEBD)

We provide, inspect and service your ship’s emergency escape breathing devices. The annual inspections and certain maintenance procedures can be carried out on board. If your equipment is in need of a longer maintenance, you are provided with extra EEBD apparatuses. This ensures that the safety level of your ship remains the same also during the equipment maintenance.


Breathing air compressors & air quality analysis

We take care of the air quality analysis of your breathing air compressors. The air quality analysis ensures that the breathing air generated by the compressor complies with the EN12021 standard. The air quality analysis should be carried out at least once a year on board the ship. We also provide maintenance services for breathing air compressors.


Immersion suits and chemical suits

We provide and inspect immersion and chemical suits used by your ship’s crew. The immersion and chemical suits on board the ship should be inspected at least once every three years, or more often if the suits are over 10 years old.


Life jackets

We provide, inspect and service life jackets used on ships. Presto has been approved to service and inspect inflatable life jackets by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi).


Fireman gear

We provide and inspect the gear firemen use on board of ships. We can supply you with all the equipment you need, from protective clothing to self-contained breathing apparatuses and fire fighting equipment. We can also carry out the inspection of the equipment.

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